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Honda Maintenance Cost Per Year & Model

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Honda vehicles are some of the most reliable vehicles on the market, retaining their resale value and lasting for many miles on the Milwaukee roads, but are Honda cars cheap to maintain? Find out the average Honda maintenance cost by model with the service team at Morrie's West Bend Honda. We’ll show you how much you can expect, on average, to spend in order to maintain your Honda vehicle each year. 

Average Honda Maintenance Cost by Model

What is the average Honda maintenance cost per year? According to a report done by RepairPal, Brookfield-area residents who drive a Honda can expect to pay an average of $428 in Honda maintenance costs every year, but this number will vary depending on what type of Honda you drive. That’s also not factoring in any unexpected repairs or other maintenance issues that you may encounter. On average, most vehicles have an annual maintenance cost of around $652, so compared to that cost, Honda vehicles are noticeably less expensive to maintain.

Take a look at the average Honda maintenance cost by model below:

  • Honda Civic: $368
  • Honda Fit: $390
  • Honda Accord: $400
  • Honda CR-V: $407
  • Honda Odyssey: $547

Things to Consider About Honda Maintenance

Not only are Honda cars cheap to maintain compared to the average maintenance price, but they’re also known for their exceptional reliability. If you’re wondering how RepairPal came to their average maintenance cost of $428 for Honda vehicles, here are some things to consider when looking at their report: 

  • The price of Honda OEM Parts compared to OEM parts of other similar brands
  • The likelihood of Honda sedans, trucks, and SUVs undergoing significant and unexpected repairs (The lower the chance of an accident, the lower it costs to have the vehicle serviced.)
  • The rate at which most Honda owners are visiting their local Hartford-area service centers for repairs. 

Recommended Honda Maintenance Schedule by Mileage

Even though Honda cars are cheap to maintain compared to the average vehicle, you’ll still have to make sure that you stay on top of your vehicle’s recommended service schedule. Certain services are recommended for your Honda vehicle at certain mileage intervals. To see what kinds of services your vehicle might need, take a look at the recommended Honda maintenance schedule below: 

  • 7,500 Miles: Engine Oil Change & Tire Rotation
  • 15,000 Miles: Engine Oil Change & Systems Inspection
  • 30,000 Miles: Air Filter Replacement
  • 45,000 Miles: Brake Fluid & Coolant Change
  • 90,000 Miles: Brake & Transmission Fluid Change
  • 105,000 Miles: Timing Belt, Spark Plug, & Coolant Replacement

Save on the Honda maintenance cost per year when you use our service specials here at Morrie's West Bend Honda. For more service tips, visit our website, or reach out to anyone on our team. 

Service Your Honda in West Bend

Contact us to maintain your Honda vehicle, so you can drive more confidently wherever you go. Whether you need to stay up to date on your Honda Civic maintenance schedule or just have your car diagnosed, you’ll be able to get quality service for a great price at Morrie's West Bend Honda.


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