Honda Tire Service

Close up of new tire tread

As the only part of your car touching the road, your tires play an essential role in your everyday performance and safety. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to routinely inspect their condition and receive tire maintenance when necessary, which means inflating your tires if they have low pressure, rotating your tires at the appropriate intervals, and replacing tires with unsafe tread wear.

Fortunately, the service experts at our Honda service center in West Bend know how to maintain and replace tires of all makes and models.

Do I Really Need Tire Rotations?


Tire rotations help avoid uneven tread wear between different tires due to the weight imbalance between the front and rear of your vehicle. As your front tires undergo increased stress by bearing the weight of the engine and friction during turning, they wear out faster. Generally, you should look to have your tires rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. 

How Often Do I Need To Replace My Tires? 

A new set of tires should perform for at least six years, but the brand, as well as your driving habits and terrain, will alter your tire life.

If you measure a tread depth of fewer than 2/32 inches on a tire, it’s time to replace it. You should replace the entire set if they all show significant wear.

Get A Good Grip On The Road With Tire Service In West Bend

Not sure if it’s time for tire service? Schedule an appointment at our Honda service center in West Bend, and our tire professional would be more than happy to perform a quick assessment on the condition of your tires and, if present, address any issues.

Morrie’s West Bend Honda is a one-stop-shop for all your tire solutions – should you need replacements, we supply an extensive selection of name brand tires to match your specific make and model.

Have any questions about servicing your tires? Reach out to us at Morrie’s West Bend Honda.