Honda Oil Change

Oil pouring in to an engine

Out of all the service needs of your Honda, routine oil changes are arguably the most important in terms of performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Motor oil lubricates your engine’s many moving components, which reduces friction and heat build-up that would otherwise result in costly wear, and if left long enough, engine failure. Furthermore, oil cleans out residual dirt and debris as it cycles through your engine, mitigating the chance of unwanted damage.

As oil breaks down relatively quickly, it’s crucial to replace it frequently, which begs the question of “how often?”

How Often Should I Change The Oil in My Honda?

In normal driving conditions, you should change your oil every year or 7,500 miles. Of course, your specific model and driving habits may warrant a tighter interval.

Most modern vehicles feature oil life monitoring systems to help you stay on top of your oil change schedule. Properly equipped Honda models will display a wrench image on the dashboard once oil life reaches 15 percent – a convenient reminder that you should schedule an oil change sooner rather than later.

Take Advantage of Fast, Affordable Oil Changes at Our West Bend Honda Service Center

Fortunately, the experienced technicians at our service center have helped West Bend drivers with their oil change needs countless times. They know exactly which oil your model needs to run at peak performance thanks to their Honda certification and would be happy to provide you with personalized assistance.

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