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What Is Honda LaneWatch™?

2019 Honda Civic Si Sedan


If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, searching sites like ours for the best deals on Honda brand cars, trucks, and SUVs, you may have run into talk of a relatively new piece of technology featured on many Honda vehicles known as Honda Lanewatch™. But, Hartford drivers are asking, “What is Honda Lanewatch™, and how does Honda Lanewatch™ work?”

Simply put, this safety feature helps drivers stay in the know of what exactly is happening on the passenger side of the vehicle – all while keeping their eyes on the road ahead. This feature is standard, or at least made available via upgrade, on a number of Honda vehicles, and as you’ll read in the sections ahead, is very easy to operate. Keep reading for more information – and be sure to contact us online if you have any questions or if you’d like to test drive a Honda Lanewatch™-enabled vehicle for yourself!

How Does Honda LaneWatch™ Work? 

So, exactly how does Honda Lanewatch™ work? If you’re familiar with a standard blind spot monitoring system, it’ll be easy to understand! Vehicles equipped with a blind spot monitoring system, like Honda Lanewatch™, have a camera installed underneath the passenger side mirror. This camera sends a live video feed to the central display screen, which you can view as you drive. This system gives you a clearer view of the right side blind spots of your car, making it easier and safer to change lanes or make turns.
NOTE: Honda LaneWatch™ is a safety enhancement—not a substitute for safe driving.

How to Use Honda LaneWatch™

Making use of Honda Lanewatch™ is no harder than simply signaling for a turn or lane-change. When you activate the right turn signal, the camera system will power on automatically, and in an instant, you’ll see an image of your blind-zone. You can also press the button on the end of the turning signal control; pressing the button again turns the system off. To change the settings, follow these steps: 

  1. Select Settings on the HOME screen. 
  2. Choose Camera. 
  3. Choose LaneWatch™. 
  4. Make your preferred changes. 
  5. Press BACK to exit.

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